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We believe there is no one battery technology that is right for all applications.  Hawker Powersafe offers a complete family of lead acid batteries for addressing specific standby power requirements.  Powersafe lead the move to gas recombination technology in 1982 and remains at the forefront of battery innovation.  Hawker Powersafe is a member of Invensys group supplying quality battery systems worldwide.

SBS Series Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries 7AH to 91AH in 12 V blocks.  Pure lead grids for long life.
V Series

VRLA batteries 80AH to 480AH in 2V, 4V & 6V blocks for standby power applications including UPS, switchgear, emergency lighting, control systems, engine starting and others.

VM Series VRLA batteries 100AH to 1560 AH in floor mounted self stacking 4V, 6V & 12V modules.
HR Series VRLA batteries for common UPS battery replacement applications.
FP Range Pasted plate vented lead selenium wet cells, 20 AH to 4410 AH in 2V clear cell containers.
A Series Plante' Pure lead plate vented cells with 20 year plus design life, 20AH to 2534 AH.

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